Past Interns at NEFIAC

Interns :

  • Stacey Goldman
    Anthropology and Sociology Major, Roger Williams University, RI - Film research and acquisitions
  • Jennifer Ashley
    PhD. candidate in Anthropology, Brown University, RI - Film programming and Jury selection
  • Arturo Marquez
    Graduate student in Hispanic Studies, Brown University, RI - Volunteer coordinator
  • Esther Hernandez-Medina
    PhD. candidate in Sociology, Brown University, RI - VIP Guest hosting
  • Alicia Pantoja
    MA in Media Studies candidate, The New School, NY - Assistant Director

Help us and build up your curriculum!

The New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema (NEFIAC) internships are designed to provide work-related learning experience for students in one or more areas of the Festival. Our internship program allows a student to gain professional experience in an area of interest, including sponsorship, grants, marketing, outreach, membership, business, and operations, etc., with responsibility and supervision that facilitates learning. Participating in a NEFIAC internship will provide students with a unique understanding of ibero america. Interns gain practical work experience while building skills in various film festival platforms. An internship helps students to combine theory with practical work experience. Interns will develop professional work habits as well as view various work settings and differences in work styles. The intern will be working at the offices of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, which is located at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

Advantages of internships

An internship brings a significant edge to students/individuals seeking career advancement. Employers look for persons who are self-confident and knowledgeable of a multicultural world. Successful completion of a NEFIAC internship will further develop characteristics highly valued by companies and organizations in the real business world. This is a very unique opportunity to learn and connect with people while putting together an international event.

Internship applications for the summer are now being accepted.

Length/Time of Internship

The NEFIAC internship is a temporary assignment that may last different periods, depending on the individual needs. Internships occurring during a given academic year also vary and the hours and length of the internship can be adjusted depending on the needs of the department and the availability of the student.

Types of NEFIAC Internships

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Press Operations
  • Outreach
  • Academic Seminars
  • Industry Office
  • Corporate Relations
  • Membership (Ibero American Film Society)
  • Programming and Filmmaker Services
  • Technical Support
  • Business & Administration
  • Operations/Logistics

Upon completion of the internship, the intern will be asked to complete a program evaluation form. In addition, the manager in charge will also complete an intern appraisal form. For more information, contact us at

Internship applications for Spring semester (January to April 2011) are now being accepted.