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The first edition of the New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema (NEFIAC 2010) is presently accepting feature length narratives and documentaries, shorts and animated films for its program. These productions must be from, about, by or related in some way to Latin America, Spain or Portugal or their cultural heritage.

NEFIAC has four competition categories in its program receiving a cash prize. Not all films accepted for screening during the festival will be part of the competition program. ONLY films with English subtitles will be accepted for the competition programs. By submitting your film you are confirming you have the public screening rights of this work. Our Selection Committee will be choosing the films that qualify for each program and a guest jury attending the festival will award the prizes for each category. The awards will be announced at the closing ceremony. The categories are:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an independent filmmaker living in Latin America and the submission fee is too high for you to pay, please let us know and we can wave it so your film can be part of our program.

Deadline: June 30, 2010 - Fecha lmite: Junio 30, 2010

ENTRY FORM / Ficha de inscripción:

In order to be considered, ALL ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE the following material
Para poder ser consideradas, todas las películas inscritas DEBEN DE ESTAR ACOMPAÑADAS de:

  • * Completed entry form / Ficha de inscripción cumplimentada
  • * DVD screener / Copia DVD ( ZONE 1 / NTSC )
  • * Promotional photos or digital image (300 dpi) / Foto promocional o imagen digital de alta resolución (300 dpi)
  • * Submission fee for competition program / Pago de la matrícula de inscripción

"Por favor, entre em contacto conosco se necessitar desta informação em português"
"Por favor escríbanos si desea información en español"
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
TECHNICAL DATA / Ficha técnica:
Narrative / Ficción Documental Animation Short / Corto
Yes No
Yes No
Contact person if selected / Persona de contacto si es seleccionada

PLEASE send ALL the above requested material, along with a screening copy of your film to:
POR FAVOR enve el material COMPLETO, acompaado de una copia de visionamiemto a la siguiente dirección

The New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema
c/o Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Brown University
Watson Institute for International Studies
111 Thayer Street. Rhodes Suite, box 1866
Providence, RI 02912-1866
T.: 401.863.2645